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At this moment we have for sale AL 5000M second-hand baler

FOR SALE - mobile Baler for Car and Light Scrap

Year of manufactured - 2006

Tipe and model - Lollini AL 5000M

In very good condition

Technical Specifications

  • Axial thrust of the two opposite cylinders: 123 t.
  • Minimum bale dimensions: 1000 x 600 x 1000 mm (minimum variable)
  • idle cycle time: 110 seconds
  • Working pressure: 210 bar
  • No.2 Groups of double pumps for high and low pressure
  • Diesel motor: No.1 IVECO brand water-cooled diesel motor
  • Maximum overall dimensions: 10500 mm length, 3800 mm width, 2500 mm height
  • Total weight: 36.000 kg approx. (without fluid oil)
  • Opened charging box: 5000 mm length, 2600 mm width
  • Total cylinder thrust on side-wall, lids and hammer: 130 t.
  • The machine is manufactured in compliance with EC regulations.

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